Other Secretarial services

  • Maintenance of various statutory registers and records, including minutes books of board & shareholders meetings,
  • Preparation of agenda,
  • Notice of Board meetings,
  • Shareholder meetings,
  • Assisting in holding and conducting board meetings & shareholders meetings, follow up and liaising with ROC,
  • Ensuring compliance of various clauses of the listing agreement,
  • Filling and filing of various forms and returns with ROC, etc., and
  • Most importantly providing proper advice to the management on various aspects and statutory provisions under the corporate laws.
  • Corporate Governance Services: Advising on good governance practices and compliance of regulations and guidelines made there under. Company Corporate Governance norms as prescribed under the listing norms and various other statutes and also assist in developing and establishing good governance practices and sound ethical and professional standards on the foundation of which the edifice of a corporate is built.
  • Secretarial Audit & Certification Services
  • Share Transfer Audit
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • Annual Return Certifications
  • Annual Filings
  • Certify all the documents to be filed with the Registrar of Companies to take on Record
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